• $200.00

    ST01 U1

    The first China-made round shape thermal protector got UL and TUV certifications with a good sealed design.

  • $190.00

    ST06 U1

    Withstand current of 250VAC 10A; Small size, suitable to be embedded inside the coil.

  • $180.00

    BW-BCP Plastic

    Positive make and break with a snap-action disc, competitive price.

  • $170.00

    BW-ECP Plastic

    Small size and easy to install; Low internal resistance, <50mΩ;Double protection of over-current & over-temperature.



With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, Saftty is considered a pioneer in the thermal protector industry. Many companies specify Saftty as their first choice for the best bimetal thermal switch.

Manufacturing capacity

Equipped with semi-automated and fully automated production technologies, Saftty is capable of manufacturing qualified thermal overload protectors at bulk orders shortly.

Customer customization

Saftty can provide thermal overload protectors customized for your specific requirements. No matter what your requirements, Saftty can find the right solution for you.


We have obtained UL, VDE, TUV, KC, CQC certifications, ensuring every bimetal thermal switch delivered is quality-guaranteed.


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Power Suppliers

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Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Thermal Protectors

Saftty, a member of the National Technical Standards Committee, is recognized for its creative mind and ability to execute with more than 10 national patents.

Saftty specializes in developing and manufacturing all kinds of thermal protectors, which are widely used in battery packs, motors, pumps, ballasts, transformers, coil, winding, portable power tools, electric heating appliances and home appliances for overheat and over current protection.

We are committed to providing safe products to customers, safeguarding our employees and ensuring shareholders with a steady investment return.

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2021 The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange / Exhibition Announcement

2021 The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange / Exhibition Announcement

  Saftty will participate in the 14th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2021) hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association from March 19-21, 2021, booth number: 8B037. Preparations for the exhibition have been fully launched, SAFTTY Electronic is inviting you to participate in this exhibition, to share the battery technology industry cutting-edge scientific and technological…



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