After the busy Golden Sept. and Silver Oct., with the joint efforts of all employees, our performance has improved to a higher level. We always cares about the physical and mental development of employees, pays attention to the combination of work and rest. In this season of golden osmanthus fragrant and fruitful, we organized a three-day self-driving tour to Dongshan Island, Fujian province.

We departed from Guangzhou in the morning on October 29 and arrived at Dongshan Island in the afternoon. The next morning we went to Nanmen Bay, famous for “The Left Ear”, to watch the sunrise. During the day, we visited Fengdongshi, Maluan Bay and Dongmen Island. The night on Dongshan Island is really comfortable, giving people a quiet and leisurely feeling. Everyone is enjoying the sea breeze, eating seafood, drinking wine and chatting about life.

Through this team building activity, our cohesion and centripetal force have been greatly improved. Not only did everyone feel the vastness of the sea, they also spent a pleasant holiday, and they also felt the southern Fujian spirit of “winning by hard work”.

With the rapid development of the company, SAFTTY’s management system has become more and more perfect, and the humanized company management has also been fully reflected. In the days to come, SAFTTY keeps its mission in mind and never forgets its original aspirations. In order to become a leader in micro thermal protectors and achieve the vision of an empire of safety components, we will keep moving hard.


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