Our company (Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) recently will introduce a new product: BW-E series thermal protector(thermal switch). Its size is very small, only 12*5.5*2.4mm for plastic case and 12.5*5.0*2.5mm for metal case. It could be installed easily in applications where volume is critical. It has those benefits: double protection of over-current & over-temperature; snap type, sensitive to current and temperature and action quickly; low internal resistance,<50mΩ, replacer of 4MM/6MM from SENSTAT,IP405/505 from ISUZU and other imported products from PEPI. It can be widely used in: rechargeable battery pack; motor hood cabinet; AC motor, landscape water pump motor; fluorescent lamp ballasts; transformers, solenoid switch; electric heating appliances; portable power tools.

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