Saftty Will Bring New Thermal Protection Solution To Coiltech 2022

Since its establishment in 2008, Guangzhou Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the thermal protection field by researching, developing, producing, and selling various types of thermal protectors and temperature switches. These products are widely used in over-current and over-heat protection for motors, pumps, fans, cooling fans, transformers, household appliances, etc. Saftty also attaches great importance to participating in various exhibitions to benefit more industries, aiming to provide the most suitable overheating protection for different industries.

In 2022, Saftty plans to participate in nine domestic and international exhibitions, covering industries such as motors, fans, lighting equipment and home appliances, electrical, and so on. In April and May, we will take our new thermal protection solution to another two famous exhibitions, Coiltech and CWIEME.



About Coiltech 2022

Coiltech is one of the most renowned international exhibitions in the field of coils and winding. Since its inception in 2010, Coiltech has provided an excellent platform for suppliers and buyers from various electric motors, generators, power distribution, industrial transformers, and coil machinery. Coiltech Deutschland 2022 will be held in Ulm, Germany, from April 6-7, 2022. The exhibition’s product categories include electrical steel, electromagnetic wire, laminating and winding machines for motors and transformers, aluminum castings, impregnation and encapsulation equipment, transformer coils, etc.

Coiltech will also host the World Magnetic Conference (WMC), the largest conference in its field, to provide a wonderful learning opportunity for exhibitors and buyers to update their knowledge on materials and technical innovations.

Saftty will bring the new design thermal protection to Coiltech Deutschland 2022, and our booth is 3-D13.


About CWIEME 2022

CWIEME is a global exhibition specializing in coil, motor, and transformer manufacturing supply chain. Here, buyers can find spare parts and processing machinery to produce a wide range of products such as new electric cars, household appliances, and beauty devices. Saftty will offer a thermal protection solution for the suppliers of coils, transformers, motors, etc. CWIEME has a history of more than 25 years, and this time there will be more than 600 specialized suppliers providing solutions for the global electrical engineering chain.

We, Saftty, are also part of it in Berlin this year. We will show our high-quality thermal switches and protectors at booth 12E17 from May 10 to 12.

Popular Items Will Be Shown in Coiltech and CWIEME

To be the leader of the microthermal protector is the direction we are striving to take. We have developed a series of new products of thermal protectors to meet the market demand, and some thermal protection products have broken the monopoly of foreign countries, which are our star products. And they will be shown in the exhibition this time. Among them are:

  • Top One Thermal Protector: ST01 Series

ST01 is the first domestic thermal protector to obtain UL and TUV certification, breaking the 30-year monopoly of the German protector market. It is thin and light, small in size, has a wide range of utility, and has the following advantages.

1.Good Effect on Temperature Sensitive

Thermal protectors need to be temperature sensitive and sense changes in temperature in time to protect the wiring or motor. Saftty ST series uses high-quality NGK material imported from Japan, and the shell and reeds are silver-plated, which greatly reduces the contact resistance and improves the heat transfer.

2.Accurate Temperature Control, Used in Precision Instruments

Some medical instruments used for the human body need precise temperature control in thermal protection to protect the machine and achieve the best use effect. The metal inner shell of ST01 has good thermal conductivity but no current thermal effect inside, which ensures the protector can operate normally at the set temperature but can operate immediately once the temperature is exceeded.

3.Multiple Forms Available for a Wide Range of Applications

The ST01 series is available in more than 10 package forms of different sizes and designs. They are available in various configurations, including shrink cap insulation, epoxy cover, high-temperature resistant plastic insulating case, and M4 threaded case for choosing to meet the need of various products, such as electric motors, coils, sensors, and so on. 


Welcome to Saftty’s Booth in Coiltech and CWIEME

At Saftty can provide our customers with high-quality products at favorable prices, with no minimum order quantity, while providing customized services to meet customer requirements. Do not forget to visit our booth in Coiltech and CWIEME, and we are looking forward to meeting you there!





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