In 2008, Saftty was founded in Guangzhou, specializing in the development and production of thermal protectors. The founder, Jarvis ( Mr. Zhu Jun ), has been focusing on micro thermal protectors since 2002, Saftty has also gone through a fifteen-year development process.

Today, Saftty is involved in Switching power supplies, Fans, Range hood motors, Tubular motors, Industrial motors, Transformers & Reactors, Electric heat tracing, Hair straighteners, Waterpumps and other segmented application markets, with a long reputation and a high market share. 70% of products are exported to Europe and the United States, and have in-depth cooperate with international professional customers.

Saftty has a plant with area of 4500 square meters, 14 automatic production lines. There are 22 management person-nel, 140 production workers, and six series products, more than 30 models, with a total annual production capacity of 60 million pieces. Saftty Guangzhou headquarters sales center covers an area of 500m2, including marketing department, sales department, customer service, FAE, a team of 20 people in total. Established distributor channels in more than 20 countries around the world, serving more than 500 customers worldwide.

SeriesAutomated Production LineAutomation Rate Of Each ProcessAutomation Rate Of Each ProcessCapacity Utilization
ST01Three70%1.2 million pieces70%
ST06One70%400,000 pieces60%
ST07One90%500,000 pieces70%
BW-BFive80%1.5 million pieces75%
BW-DFour80%1 million pieces80%

Automation equipment includes bimetal sheet forming and sorting, bimetal sheet welding, contact riveting, contact welding, fixing bracket riveting, temperature adjustment, component riveting, microphone assembly, lead welding, lead soldering, epoxy filling , Epoxy coating, temperature test, etc. Among them, the ST01 automation equipment is an equipment independently developed and implemented by Ann in 2016. The parts of this equipment have a dimensional accuracy of plus or minus 0.02mm, which requires extremely high positioning. The thickness of some parts is only 0.007mm. The front and back, feeding, sorting, grabbing and other links are very difficult. After more than a year of research and development, we and our partners have overcome many technical problems and have our own intellectual property rights. We have realized the first domestic independent research and development to replace foreign countries. Imported button-type product automation line.

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