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Apply a plug inside:

1. Selection

  • Disconnect temperature: inside the plug, generally choose to disconnect temperature 90℃ or 100℃; Taking into account that the temperature switch will have a current thermal effect in the case of passing the current, leading to early disconnection temperature, according to different use of current to select the corresponding higher disconnection temperature, for example, SAFTTY ST06 model in the case of 10A current will jump 15℃ in advance, if you want the plug internal temperature to 90℃ jump, Actually choose 90+15=105℃ of the product;

  • Rated current: ST06 for products with current below 10A; STH 6 with current below 16A.

  • Considering that the internal space of the plug is small, and the creepage distance is easily too small, U1 packaging with insulating sleeve is recommended.

  • Generally, the volume of the plug is not too large and the internal space is limited, so the long BW series is not recommended. The length of 10A reaches 20mm and cannot be installed; while the same 10A ST06 product, because it is a circular shell, the diameter of 9mm, and the insulation casing is 15mm, it is easier to be installed into the plug with narrow space.

2. Advantage:

  • High reliability below 50ppm inefficiency.

  • The current thermal effect is small. In the case of 10A current, ST06 jumps 15℃ in advance, while the long product jumps about 30℃ in advance. So the ST06 model is easier to choose from and has better compatibility. Such as long product choice 100℃, consider the current thermal effect will skip 30℃, all the actual choice 130℃, in 10 a product is no problem, but if it is 5 a product current thermal effect is not obvious, early jump temperature is only about 10℃, this will cause the plug temperature is too high, lead to a decline in performance, serious can cause fire risk.

  • Cost-effective, circular products are 50% cheaper than similar imported products under the same performance.

Charging gun head:


  • In the head of the charging gun, the protection temperature is generally 80~100℃.

  • Due to the small current through, BW-BCP 5A and BW-ECP 2A.

  • Select a small BW-ECP with a limited installation position.

  • If there are pressure requirements for the temperature control switch, the iron shell BW-BCM and BW-ECM can also be selected.

2. Advantage:

  • SAFTTY BW Series open circuit rate can achieve about 20ppm, because the charging gun belongs to high frequency electrical products, once the open circuit will cause cannot charging, and the cost of maintenance and replacement is high.

  • Temperature is sensitive, and the reaction speed is fast.

  • High cost performance, compared with the United States, Japan and South Korea strip products in the same performance, the price is at least 30% lower.


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